Un jardin pour demain / A garden for the future

Like the whole site, the garden and the vegetable garden are constantly evolving. On the program this year:


1) Protect and delimit the garden and the vegetable patch:

You will build barriers and low walls to delimit the space using different materials: dry branches and roots, dry stones, small fruit trees. And according to ancestral techniques: plessages, braiding, piling, etc.


2) Enrich the earth:

From natural fertilizer, via the "lasagna" technique: these are alternating stacks of layers of organic matter, which have a "booster" effect on the crops.


3) Develop:

You will repair the garden hut, and make it a place of storage but also of gathering and discussion for school visits, by arranging a space in reused materials: pallets, etc.


4) Improve:

You will help us to optimize water management by maintaining our irrigation basin:

  • waterproofing,

  • delimitation,

  • Arrangement


To be part of it,

here it is!


Comme à la maison / Home sweet home

The volunteers' house is inhabited all year round by an inspiring collective! This year, Nathalie, Jakob, Sophie, Lucie, Marta, Niko, Andrea, Suleymane and Rustom, are looking forward to you! They decided to improve their habitat and make it an even more cozy nest for the next volunteers! Help them improve this home and share their daily life during a construction site!


To be part of it,

here it is!

1) Build and arrange the terrace

A terrace to enjoy the summer sun: eat there, debate, live there ... Come and help them dig behind the house, then build the wooden structure. Finally, set up a resting area using reused materials: pallets, etc.


2) Repair the patio

In front of the house, the patio has known several generations of volunteers. It gets old and wears out! Come to repair and cover it, to give it a new lease of life!


3) Install dry toilets

An ecological solution and an interesting construction for young DIY enthusiasts! Come and install their future dry toilets and work with wood, the volunteers will thank you for it :)

C'est Zoo'logique / So Zoo'logic


Some of our team members need your help! Olive, the donkey, Caramel and choco, the goats and the chick 'team, the chickens, open the doors of their home to you with pleasure! In return, they ask for hugs and a little work! The educational farm they live in needs a little updating! It's up to you to help us beautify their domain!

1) Renovate the rooms

The walls of the rooms are getting old! A little plaster, a lick of paint and presto! That's it !


2) Repair fences

Caramel, Olive, Choco and the chick'team are teasing and often escape! It's up to you to help us strengthen the fences so that our animals devour their food and not ours!


3) Repair the compost bins

Next to the farm, the compost bins allow us to recycle and create natural fertilizer. Help us repair them to continue in this dynamic!


4) Build mobile chicken coops

To allow the chick'team to peck on a larger space without fear of predators, build with us several mobile, light and easy to move chicken coops!


To be part of it,

here it is!